Click those slippers, baby

You are so not in Kansas anymore

14 May
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I rant, I kvetch, I sometimes do polls or tell about updates on my writing work. Honestly, there's nothing exciting going on here, this is just a place where I can get my thoughts down when they get a little too crowded inside my head.

Besides, I needed some way to be able to comment in my friends journals. The nifty icons are just a bonus.

And sure, go ahead, e-mail me, IM me, friend me, whatever. Just don't be too ticked if you don't get a response. I spend most of my hours writing and tend to block out most everything else unless you really get my attention. This mostly involves yelling and/or poking me with something blunt. 'Cause if you poke me with something sharp you'll -really- get my attention, but I don't think you'd enjoy it.

So everyone have a nice day, hugs and kisses, and all that jazz.