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I have finally (I think, I hope, I pray) finished the editing for the latest book. It is now in as good a shape as I can possibly make it without losing what is left of my mind trying to go through and nitpick at it again.

Which means now I am on to the next step(s) of writing a query letter and synopsis. Excuse me for a moment while I let out a scream of anticipatory frustration...

Okay, I'm back. So yeah, my very least favorite part of the whole thing (besides the stress of waiting for responses from agents who have a partial/full manuscript. And the no's. But that one goes without saying) and the part I'm well aware I suck the most at. Especially the synopsis. Give you all the details, but still try to keep it under x amount of pages? Honestly, do agents not understand how difficult that is, and how it's kind of contradictory? Whatever.

And I want/need to find someone to look over at least the query letter once I write it. Because I know better than to trust my own judgment on these things. But I have no idea who to ask/who isn't too busy with their own life to help out. So I'll probably end up having to trust my own judgment after all.

Remind me why I put myself through this? *sigh*

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