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Well, I finally finished the first draft of the latest novel last night. I'm kind of past the point where I feel a huge sense of accomplishment about it. Which is kind of sad, I miss that feeling from the first few. I did give myself a couple minutes to just jump around and squee like the dork I am, just because I felt I should, especially with all the trouble this one has given me.

Mostly I just feel good that I finally am -over- that bit. Then I start to panic over just how much work I still have to accomplish, knowing the mess the draft is and how I'm probably going to end up pretty much re-writing a good half of it to try and make it something resembling an actually decent novel, and then I panic about query letters and oh dear God I have to write a synopsis -again- and I really need a new email address that's more professional but my name is way more common than I thought and I can't find a good combination that hasn't already been used and *gasp, gasp, deep breath*

So yeah, trying to find a better mindset. Usually I wait about a month after finishing before I even think of touching a manuscript again, but I really don't have that luxury this time around, especially if I want to have this halfway decent before Nanowrimo comes around, since I'm planning on doing the sequel for it. Which is a whole different can of worms, since I only have the most basic plot outline for that one. Though on the bright side, I actually came up with the title first, and I have a pretty good handle on (most) of my new characters. Silver lining and glass half full and all that optimistic stuff.

But I'm at least giving myself this weekend off. I think I deserve it. I'm going to relax, read "A Clash of Kings" and just try to just find my zen, as I always like to say. Then on Monday I can resume panicking and worrying and so forth.

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