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April 7th, 2013

Time marches on

So...I think we may be moving.

I'll admit, when the idea first came up, I nearly had a panic attack. Okay, there was no nearly about it, I panicked completely and had a mini-breakdown once I was alone and able to come apart. I love my house, I've lived here almost all my life, the idea of moving itself is daunting/so much work because we have -so much stuff-/something I really don't want to do because packing stuff away for holidays is one of my least favorite things ever and this would be that time eleventy-billion/etc.

Add to all that, that we would be moving to a smaller place, which obviously means less room, which means less of the privacy I need on a fairly regular basis, and so forth, and I started having a panic attack again. I'm not going to lie, between my OCD and just my personality in general, I'm a creature of extreme habit who isn't particularly fond of changes or disruptions to those habits.

But, here's the thing: there's not a whole bloody lot I can do if (and honestly, it's looking more like when) the parentals make a choice. Between my lack of money and health, the possibility of moving out really isn't feasible, and if that were the case I would end up having to move somewhere else anyway, and that kind of defeats the purpose. And even if I did have money, I couldn't afford to live in my town anyway, the way prices are nowadays.

So I've decided to try and be Zen about the whole thing, adopting a "what will be, will be" attitude, trusting that things will turn out as they should. And while I haven't seen the place my parents are considering, at least not in person, I did check it out online and it's actually really nice for what would be essentially a downsize in living quarters. And my mom assured me there would be enough space in my new room for bookcases, and also that there would be somewhere we could put the computer, because she knows me so well and understands my priorities.

I'm still kind of scared and daunted by the idea, but at least now there's also a bit of excitement and maybe even a little anticipation. Because like I said, this is probably going to happen, since my dad even said they were probably going to put in an offer, they're that serious.

So yeah. I think I might be moving. And I might even be okay with that.

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