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I have no words

I just...what...how...I don't even...what? Seriously, what?

I really don't know how to articulate what happened to me this morning. The best I can put it is that I got several of the most condescending comments to stuff on my deviantart, and a note that absolutely takes the cake, the ice cream, and the whole damn party. I mean, like I said to the person when I responded, I'm sure some of this is actually meant well, and the condescending tone throughout it is just me being sensitive. I don't actually believe that, but I was trying to be polite, especially since I knew after that opening paragraph I was going to end up getting a lot less polite.

Though it saddens me that I just don't have it in me to go ahead and just tell someone exactly what they can do and what bit of anatomy they can stuff it in. There have been times when I've lost my temper and said very nasty things, but those times are very few, and I always feel guilty afterwards, even if I have nothing to feel guilty about. I hate that.

I'm not going to go into details, because I'm trying really, really hard not to be petty about this whole thing, but I just can't get over how utterly gobsmacked I am about it. The whole time I was reading this long note, I just kept thinking to myself "And just who do you think you are? My God, this takes some big brass ones." It's just....aaaaggghhh, I just want to let to go, but I can't. It's just gnawing at me.

Though admittedly, me being me, I am able to see the humor in it. It's just trying to get past the part of it that makes me want to say nasty, petty things that's the tough part.

Edit: Okay, heard back from the person. Still think they went about it in precisely the wrong way, but there were some justifications (not saying they're good ones, but still, justifications) and a much better tone overall. I'm much more peaceful now. And also, I am now very glad I kept my temper.

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